Having a site is a bit more challenging than simply having a domain and uploading files for it on a web server. The hosting service also features things like domain records, databases, email addresses, statistics, FTP access, and so forth. Although they may not be the first thing which comes to mind when you mention the word “website”, they are an important part of any site and none of them can be overlooked. If you would like to start and sustain a successful web presence, you need a simple way to take care of these things, specifically if you aren't very knowledgeable. Aside from the convenience, it's also essential to have total control over your domains and the web hosting service related to them.

Website Manager in Cloud Hosting

Our Linux cloud hosting include a highly effective Website Manager tool where you can access everything related to your online presence easily and quickly. The tool is an element of our custom made Hepsia CP and has an extremely easy-to-use interface, so you'll not have any troubles even if you're constructing your very first website and you have never had a website hosting account in the past. You will find a list of all the domain addresses hosted inside your account and by clicking on each of them, you will see numerous quick-access buttons for pretty much everything. With just a couple of clicks, you'll be able to view and change the WHOIS info if the domain is registered through us, to access the website files for it, to create a new database or to set up a script-driven application. You could also create a new FTP account, look at website visitor statistics, plus much more. All of these options are available conveniently in a single location.

Website Manager in Semi-dedicated Hosting

As all of our semi-dedicated server plans feature a highly effective Website Manager tool, you'll have complete control over every aspect of your online presence. Also, the tool is basic and intuitive enough to be used by novices, so even if you're constructing your first website, you will not have any problems in handling everything fast and easy. With only one tool, you shall be able to manage every aspect of your online presence that is related somehow to your site. For example, if a domain address is registered through us, you can view and change its WHOIS info, while when it is only hosted, you can update its DNS records. You can also install a script-driven app, set up an FTP or an e-mail account, create a new database or view stats for every site. You will find these options in one place and you will be able to access them with no more than a couple of clicks within the amazing Website Manager tool.