If you’ve purchased a hosting package and you’ve got certain enquiries relating to a given function/feature, or if you’ve chanced upon some obstacle and you require assistance, you should be able to get in touch with the respective help desk staff. All web hosting companies deploy a ticketing system regardless of whether they offer other ways of contacting them aside from it or not, as the easiest way to tackle an issue most often is to submit a ticket. This form of correspondence renders the replies exchanged by both sides easy to track and permits the customer support team representatives to escalate the issue in the event that, for example, a server admin has to step in. Most often, the ticketing system is not directly linked to the hosting space and is part of the billing account, which means that you must use no less than 2 separate accounts to touch base with the technical support staff and to actually administer the hosting space. Incessantly switching from one account to another may sometimes be a nuisance, not to mention the fact that it takes a long period of time for most hosting companies to respond to the ticket requests themselves.

Integrated Ticketing System in Cloud Hosting

The ticketing system that we’re using for our Linux cloud hosting is not separate from the web hosting account. It is included in our all-inclusive Hepsia Control Panel and you’ll be able to access it whenever you want with just a couple of mouse clicks, without leaving your account. The ticketing system comes with a quick-search field, so you can track down the status of de facto any support ticket that you’ve opened in the past, in case you need it. You can also read knowledge base articles that are relevant to various problem categories, which you can choose, so you can learn how to handle a given issue even before you post a ticket. The ticket response time is maximum 60 minutes, which means that you can obtain quick assistance at any specific time and if our customer support staff suggests that you do something inside your account, you can do it momentarily without needing to log out of the Hepsia Control Panel.

Integrated Ticketing System in Semi-dedicated Hosting

We believe that it is far more convenient to manage everything in a single location, which is the reason why we’ve integrated a ticketing system into the custom Hepsia Control Panel, which is offered with each single semi-dedicated server account. This will permit you to manage the correspondence with our client care team along with your files, which implies that you will not have to memorize one more login name for a different admin console. You will be able to open a new ticket or to track the status of an old one with less than a couple of mouse clicks whilst you’re browsing the content hosted in your account. Besides, you can look through older tickets using a smart search filter or read relevant knowledge base articles, which include solutions to commonly faced problems. The integrated trouble ticket system is closely monitored 24-7-365 with the maximum ticket response time being just one hour, so there will always be someone to assist you.