RAM, or Random Access Memory, is a type of computer data storage, which enables the data to be read randomly without accessing the preceding bytes before that. That makes the RAM a lot faster than other kinds of storage devices like DVDs or HDDs where all of the info must be read so that you can access certain data. If you have a shared hosting account, the exact amount of memory your web programs can use cannot be fixed and may often be determined by the free memory which is available on the physical server. With a standalone web server, however, there's always a minimum amount of physical memory that will be available at all times and won't be allotted to other customers even when it isn't being used. This is valid with our virtual and dedicated web servers.

Guaranteed RAM in VPS Web Hosting

If you opt to host your sites on a virtual private server acquired from our company, the amount of RAM that you'll get with it will be guaranteed and shall be available constantly no matter what. The VPS accounts are set up on powerful servers and when your virtual server is set up, the RAM memory that comes with the particular plan will be "locked", so even if you use a part of it at one point while another VPS account is using almost all of its resources, we won't allocate the free RAM from your account even briefly. This is valid when you upgrade the entire memory of the virtual server as well - the extra amount shall be added to your current account fully. You'll be able to upgrade either your entire plan or only the server’s RAM with just a couple of mouse clicks in the billing Control Panel.

Guaranteed RAM in Dedicated Servers Hosting

When you acquire one of our dedicated server solutions, you will get a top-notch web server with enough RAM to run even a number of resource-demanding web apps without any effect on the overall functionality of any one of them. Due to the fact that we test every hardware component before we use it when we construct a web server, we will make sure that the RAM sticks are not faulty and that the hosting server works flawlessly. The physical memory that you'll get shall be available all of the time, so even in a situation in which you use just a part of it for any period of time, we shall never change the configuration. You shall be able to examine the hardware, including the amount of RAM that you have, inside the billing Control Panel.